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HOLC Rhetoric
These racial designations are from the HOLC neighborhood "Area Descriptions" found
in 1930s redlining files included in the T-RACES database.

History of HOLC

"The Home Owners Loan Corp. (HOLC) created in June 1933, introduced the long-term mortgage in practice today. HOLC systematized appraisal methods across the nation and initiated the practice of redlining."

"Between 1932 and 1964, FHA and VA (through the GI Bill) financed over $120 billion of new housing, and less than 2% of this real estate was available to nonwhite families, mostly in segregated areas."

"Through their appraisal and redlining practices, HOLC and FHA institutionalized exclusion and contributed to the fragmentation of communities."

ALL QUOTES HERE FROM: "The Possessive Investment in Whiteness - How White People Profit from Identity Politics", George Lipsitz, Temple University Press, June 1998.

Deed Restrictions

"The usual manner of imposing a deed restriction is to insert an appropriate provision in the deed by which property is transferred. The restriction should be in record in the chain of title of each lot. Otherwise if a lot is sold to a purchaser who has no knowledge of the restriction, he will not be bound by it."


June 13, 1914

fifth provision

October 3, 1922

tenth provision

July 1, 1925


June 16, 1926

B11: Stability of the Neighborhood

Redlining Maps and Neighbood Descriptions

Servants' quarters of La Jolla text Los Angeles Sample Text Los Angeles Sample D33 part 1 Los Angeles Sample D33 part 2